Appointment colours

on the old calendar we would have different colours for all different categories of treatment, on the new version, there are several that are the same so it is not easy to identify what you have in your column at a glance


Second this - the different colour categories were really useful as we have multiple appointment types. Would be great to reintroduce these

We also use colour coding to identify appointment types and these are no longer obvious

Hey Louise,

Thanks for the feedback.
As per our blog post for the colours our appointment colours are now limited to our wide palette of colours for you to pick for your appointments ensuring you will always have great readability and a nice-looking calendar. For your already selected service colours we are choosing the nearest matching colour to our palette. In case none is matched just go in and pick the colour for your service categories again.

Hi Petar, thank you.
Just a quick question - will there be more colours available in the future? Or the colour-picker feature?

I have to agree with the this. The pale pastel palette on the new one is a bit to samey whereas on the old calendar it was very obvious.
Although the calender looks beautiful, the boldness of the appt colours on the old calender means that it’s a bit more idiot-proof so to speak.


Hey Aini,

We are going to add more colours to our palette, however there will be no option to add a colour code as you could do it in the old calendar.

Hey team,

Thanks for the feedback.

It has been passed on to the team and they are looking in a way to have them more darkened, not to be as pale as they are now, so that we can have that boldness again.

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Please make bold colours so our staff can distinguish between new patient appointment, follow up appointments etc. The new calendar is too clinical. Things need to be obvious at a glance.
Also - i need to see if a patient has paid for their surgery and the old calendar had a large green strikethrough. This has now gone.


Hey team,

So the appointment statuses on the old calendar were with a line through the appointment.
On the new calendar, they have been removed and replaced with an icon that is located in the top right corner of the appointment.

You can click on Tools and then legend in order to see what each icon represent.

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I don’t find that this is easily distinguishable now so in clinic things are alot slower in order to identify where a client is in their patient journey i.e. are they late, a no-show or have they left?

The calendar should not only be clear and concise but it should be obvious enough at first glance to see what us going on in clinic.

I’m finding that we are constantly switching back to the old calendar just to be sure as to what is going on in clinic.

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Hey team,

Thanks for coming back to us.

We are trying to find a way for a more obvious icon/line to be added back to the new calendar in order for these to be much more obvious.
You will be informed accordingly.

Hi all

Thanks for the great feedback about appointment colours

You will now see we have expanded the number of colours greatly in the services setup

Thanks for improving our new calendar