'Convert to Deposit' no longer works for multiple treatments


The old calender used to allow our team to use the ‘convert to deposit’ for multiple treatments at the POS. We have now become aware this no longer is this case. However, some of our patients visit us for 5/6 treatments in one day. Therefore, it is a lot more time consuming to convert these one-by-one to deposits and process them seperately. Whereas we were able to do them all in one transaction before. We also obviously find patients do not want to keep waiting whilst we put each transaction through one by one as it does not really make sense as to why we now have to do that and almost feels like a step backwards.

Thank you.

Hi @bookings

Thank you for your feedback. This is not related to the new calendar but to the changes made in POS, products/services cannot be combined with on account anymore, i.e. they can’t be purchased in one sale.

Kind regards.