Do not fade old appointments

I think it is a bad setting to fade old appointments. We schedule appointments and surgeries and would like to see the whole list as one not half of them being faded over the course of the day.

It is impossible to read on the already clinical white background.

Please can you take this setting off immediately


Hi Jag

Thanks for the feedback - we will now be adding the ability to control how faded completed appointments are, to the point you can control them from not faded almost at all to very faded. This should be added in the coming days.

Thanks for helping improve our new calendar

Hi all,

This is implemented now.
We added a setting in Setup - Settings - Calendar Settings called “Completed appointment opacity” where you can adjust the opacity level of the completed appointments/classes and expired block outs.

Many thanks for all your help in improving our new calendar. We appreciate that.

Kind regards.