Healthcode integration

The Healthcode integration is just mind-boggling. Still, not many systems do it so I appreciate having it.

However since Bupa has updated their systems now Healthcode Integration is broken when it comes to sending invoices to Bupa. Pabau says problem is with Healthcode, Healthcode is not communicating well with Pabau. Is anyone else having the same issue? This integration is fundamentally why we moved from Cliniko (I miss the simplicity most days) and now that it’s broken I’m questioning why am I using such a clunky system.

If AXA ever update their system and Pabau doesn’t have a quick fix then there’s no point us using Pabau anymore. Concerned…

Also, are any Physio clinics in the UK using Pabau and have Healthcode Integration? Whenever we raise issues about Healthcode I feel like I’m the only one and Pabau never has the answers, as if I’m the first to ever raise the issue. I find that weird for a system that several thousand users.