Marking arrival and completion

.it is a shame that you have changed this, it is no longer very clear when someone arrives and departs, the new symbols do not stand out like the line going through the appointment. why has this been changed? pls could it be reinstated

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Hey Louise,

Thanks for the feedback.
We are actually working on reinstating back this feature, so we will inform you as soon as we have more information for it.


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Hi @louise

We are trying to avoid the calendar calendar looking crowded, and unfortunately all of the different customization features Pabau offers around this can cause this, so we are quickly trying to find that balance.

We have come up with a solution for a better visual indicator on when an appointment is complete, and we expect to launch this in the next 2 days or so. In short, I think the feedback has been that people need a really obvious way when an appointment is a) arrived or b) complete - we think the new update will nail this one.

In short, the appointment will become faded when it is Complete, and the service colour will have a dotted line for ‘Arrived’.

We have release this to a small number of clients already involved in the BETA, and the feedback has been positive, we expect to slowly launch it to more people over the coming days.

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Hi @louise,

This feature is now implemented with a setting for adjusting the opacity for Completed appointments/classes and expired block outs. The setting is called “Completed appointment opacity” and can be found in Setup - Settings - Calendar Settings.

Thanks for helping improve our new calendar.
Kind regards.