Notification system


Being informed of all events is of great importance. It helps with quick response and easier decision making. This made us develop a notification system that will be your event assistant, no matter which department you are part of.

As a scheduler or a doctor, you will know when a patient arrived, cancelled an appointment rescheduled appointments. If you are part of the financial department, you will receive notifications about the latest report delivered to you. if you are a from the marketing department, you will receive a notification when the email or SMS campaign was delivered, or failed to deliver, when someone was referred to the business. If you look after staff schedules, you will know when your staff member requested time off, making it easier to plan. If you are an admin, or a manager, congratulations, you will be all knowing, and all seeing.

You can also setup custom notifications such as a notification to a Doctor to let them know they should review lab results.

Notifications are limited per user role, and per location, ensuring that only authorized staff members can see them.


  • Staff members to be well-informed about events that concern them.
  • Admins and managers to have a better insight into the day-to-day operations.
  • Introduction of over 50 new notifications.