Override block out and double booking

I notice the new Beta calendar does not allow us to manually add an appointment in if the diary has a book out, we often book out shifts to stop online bookings as we manually want to control who we book in on certain days. it also wont let us double book appointments which also gives staff control if they know a procedure will finish before the time allocated and allow another person to be manually added or for patients that wish to attend together etc all of these features on the old calendar were extremely useful in giving us more control over our diaries and bookings.

It would be really useful for a warning to come up that you are double booking and a way that you can override it, rather than simply being unable to double book. It is not uncommon to squeeze an extra patient in when you know it is quite quick or the nurse can manage most of it but you still want on your diary for the day.

I do agree that this function is missing in the beta - a suggestion would be to have it as a setting per user as yes sometime you need to just add a client quickly.

Hey all,

It’s great to see all of this feedback.

What I can share at the moment is that you are able to book an appointment next to a bookout slot as long as the rooms are different.

An alert will come up as soon as you try to save an appointment in a room that it’s already busy.

So, with this, you are able to book clients in as long as you find a room that it’s not busy and in that way you can squeeze clients easy.

Kind Regards.