Poor Timing and many issues

  1. Probably not the best time to upgrade the calendar as the country comes out of lockdown and everyone will be 70% busier.
  2. Neither the new or old calendar now have full functionality and have to move between the two to access or complete the calendar for example within old calendar you cannot access appointments on profile but can in new.
  3. Block outs required re-entry for all block out types
  4. Block outs now need a room and all old block outs have reverted to a main treatment room.
  5. Block outs cannot be booked in the same room even for Lunch - ticket has had to be raised.
  6. As Block outs need a room I have had to create a lunch room which if above not resolved will mean nearly 10 lunch rooms and meeting rooms.
  7. New Calendar has Null Null in where the lunches were and are not able to be edited.
  8. Patients with long names in for a small slot do not have icons next to their name so cannot tell without opening them up if complete.

No doubt there will be other items and I have encouraged my team to raise everyone of them to support. Hopefully we will have a fully functional calendar by the end of Beta for the new calendar. So far it has created extra work for us which I am sure is not your intention.

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Hi Simon

Thank you for all the feedback - actually we have used the lockdown period to redesign and rebuild a lot of the foundations of Pabau.

With it being a BETA, users can switch back and forth, so we didn’t feel that timing was really an issue when we launched, as the very purpose of a BETA would be for us to get as much feedback in as possible before doing the official launch (a one way street).

Already we have introduced many of the feedback that has come into the forum, and it’s great to hear everyones thoughts on what they do and don’t like in the leadup.

So in short, if users don’t like the new calendar, they can easily switch back (and check in every now and then to see the changes that have been introduced).

It shouldn’t - you can actually opt out of the BETA at any point using the switch back. That being said, we do appreciate that you have taken the time to list all your concerns above, and we will be for sure checking all points as we progress forward on the new calendar.

The end goal of all of this will be a clean & easy to use calendar.

Hi @Boban_Avramoski and @Petar - do you mind going through Simon’s list and giving him an update on where we are with the items that he has raised. Many thanks

Hi @Simon

I think all of the mentioned issues are gone now. Please try now and contact us for feedback.

Thank you for helping us to improve our new calendar.

Kind regards.