Quotation facility

Hi, when I attended the live a few weeks ago I mentioned the quoting system and was asked to let you know what we currently use. We use Quotient

Hi @joanne

Excellent! - thank you for letting us know, we will be sure to check them out =)

Is there an update on this?

Also, from looking at your website i can see you have made a cleaner looking system - when will this be available as we are trying to still set up our system and its very confusing with the old format

Hi @joanne

Quotes are part of our roadmap, but I would say it is more of our long term plan, so there isn’t necessary a release date as to when we can expect it within Pabau.

We should start to see Pabau 2 slowly being rolled out from September, so you will start to see a lot more of the ‘new’ experience around then. We have come a long way with it, so we plan to do some more webinars in the coming weeks to demonstrate what we have been working on.

Aside from this, there are ways/workarounds for creating quotes (just it all honesty it wouldn’t be as good as using a software which is more tailored towards creating quotations, we use one ourselves called Propisfy for example).

Have a great weekend!


Hi William,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

That is great news about the release in September and the quoting too.

Can I ask how the plus features will work? For example can you choose to add one or is it a package of all of them? When are they available from and cost?

We currently have the package up to 5 users and I wondered if this includes admin staff without a calendar such as a manager or receptionist? We are looking at upgrading to the next package potentially with more practitioners but not sure when, will the cost of the plus accounts change too as well as the base price?