Release: 2.0.0 - alpha

All Pabau 2 release notes are contained here.


Enhanced Leads feature

Next-gen lead management system, 360-degree lead overview, lead-specific crystal-clear journeys, detailed filters, simplicity of use, and more is what the lead manager brings to the table.

Next-gen lead management system

Gone are the days when you needed to run 100s of reports to get a full picture about your lead management strategy. You can now know what works and steer the ship way faster. “A picture is worth a thousand words” at its finest, as the Leads page will tell you all what you need to know, including which leads are won or lost, at what stage of the journey and when that happened, where the won or lost leads come from, as well as any other lead-specific information you need for your lead generation strategy, at a glance.

What is more, with the filter feature you can get all the leads assigned to any staff member, all the leads from a specific location, at a specific time frame, that are on a specific stage of the journey.

360-degree lead overview

Get all the information you need about a lead, from the revamped lead card, including a timeline of your interactions with the lead every step of the way. Add notes, send emails and SMS, adjust the journey, create tasks to your colleagues and more.

Lead-specific journeys

It is said that all roads lead to Rome. With Pabau’s Pipeline feature, you can know which road each lead took, how many leads walk the same road, and where they are on their journey to book a treatment. On top of this, you can switch the roads you look at, move Leads easily among the steps and mark leads as won or lost by drag-and-drop.

Enhanced user management

Improved staff onboarding process, organizing your staff into groups by their roles, enhanced permissions system and assigning group permissions are some of the improvements in the user management system.

Improved staff onboarding and organization

Inviting staff members to your Pabau account is as easy as 1 - click the invite button, 2 - enter personal information and select locations, and 3 - set the permissions.

You can also organize your staff members into groups, manage groups, manage group permissions, and grant or revoke access to groups.

Enhanced permissions system

Organized per features, you can now grant or revoke system permissions easily:

Other than the above, we focused on bug fixes and performance updates, including:

  • Multiple fixes around invoices on the client card;
  • Phone number is hidden, user must scroll and hold to view number on mobile (iOS);
  • “Sell One-Off” voucher is not able to be added to cart;
  • Clients names are missing from /marketing/reviews page;
  • Invoices in client card are not loading;
  • Opening the “Vouchers” modal crashes the page;
  • Implement Problems list;
  • Lead details have disappeared on the lead profile;
  • Don’t show ‘Disabled’ users on Roles page;
  • We are not able to delete multiple photos from Client Card > EMR > Photos;
  • Multiple issues with the “Reviews” page and its Filters;
  • Multiple notifications bug when booking appointment;
  • Fix an issue with the date and time when creating activities from the activities page;
  • Fix photo upload in Client card albums;
  • Can’t create Letter communications;
  • Selecting a communication template doesn’t fill subject;
  • Small fixes to the reviews feature;
  • Add the Stripe payment method in the EOD report.

In addition to the above, we opened the doors to our first group of users to ever access Pabau 2. Apply here if you want to be one of them.