Release: 3.0.0 - alpha

April was an exciting month for us all, full of development focused on improving existing features, working with our users, performance updates and bug fixes.

Here’s what we did this month.

Some of the improvements we made include:

Bug fixes
We also fixed bugs, some of which include:

  • Calendar - issue with canceling bookouts;
  • Lead page - issues with the lead name, and lead pipeline;
  • POS - a glitch with the complete-checkout button, the design when POS is accessed from the client card;
  • Medical forms - issues with form preview, cloning forms, and editing medical forms;
  • Client card - issue with photo albums, and printing invoices.

Also, we eagerly work together with our users to further-improve Pabau, actively listening to their feedback. This month we wholeheartedly welcomed a new group, too, and happy to welcome even more - apply here if you want to be one of them.

This version supports USA clinics?

Hi Ran.
In what way specifically? Do you refer to specific features?

The home address formats fit for USA?
Time zone?

Unwanted to join the beta to try but you guys said it’s limited to clinics outside the UK