Release: 4.0.0 - alpha

The month of May was an exciting time for us all. Aside from all the performance updates and bug fixes we made, we also made Online Bookings available to a selected group of clients, incorporating both client feedback in the past years, and best practices.

Online bookings

Service-centered journey

From a location-specific journey, Online bookings have now been switched to a service-specific journey. Clients will now select the service they would like to book first, then the location where the service is available, and, lastly, the staff member who can perform the service.

Package purchasing

Purchasing packages online has been improved so that packages are organized into categories.

Gift voucher purchasing

Client will now be able to buy gift vouchers online:

Clinics will still have control over which vouchers can be purchased online:

Account balance top-up

Clients will now be able to top up their account balances remotely, too.

Improved payment screen

Saving payment details, payments with account balance, applying promo codes and more is what the brand new payment screen will support

Appointment details page

From the appointment details page, a client can see all the information related to the appointment, including a list of all the medical forms that need to be filled in.

Other updates


Some of the improvements we made include:

  • Calendar - We introduced the remaining package sessions on hover-over when the appointment is booked from package;
  • Leads - The select all and bulk edit feature now consider the applied filters;
  • Client card - Implement services component into forms.

Bug fixes
We also fixed bugs, some of which include:

  • Calendar - The all-day appointment area shows appointments which aren’t all-day appointments;
  • Client card - We fixed an issue with relationship not appearing until refresh;
  • Calendar - Issue with wrong alerts shown on the “create appointment” screen.

Our user base continues to grow by the day. Apply here if you want to be one of them.