Release: 4.1.0 - bug fixes and performance updates

A new release has seen the light of day, containing your suggested improvements, as well as bug fixes. Thank you for your wholehearted support - It means a lot to us!

Here is what the release entails:


Login screen - Issue with specific staff members logging in;
Client card - GP lookup is organized per country;
Client card - Minor adjustments to the Letters page;
Client card - Adjustments to the medical form module (forms order, paragraph fields and more);
Calendar - Adjustments to the tooltip to show information about packages;
Scheduler - Legend button has been added;
Teams page - Roles ordered by lowest to highest permissions;
Pabau Connect - The order of the categories in online bookings matches the one on the services page;
Pabau Connect - Adjustments to the company logo;

Bug fixes

Client Card - Phone number field in the client card can not save phone numbers from other countries;
Calendar - Confirmation manager and journey fixes;
Calendar - Glitch with Appointment booking for a new client;
Setup - Fixes on the Custom fields page;
Pabau Connect - Issue with the location and address information missing;
Pabau Connect - Issue with switching the language;
Pabau Connect - Month forward and month backward button causes the entire component to flash.