Release: 4.2.0 - bug fixes and performance updates

Hallo! Another release is ready for you, containing another set of improvements, bug fixes.

Pabau CRM and Online Bookings are translated into German!


Client card - Improvement of the thumbnails of letter & email templates
Client card - Implement Save & Another when adding allergies
Calendar - Improved the ‘Reset All’ button in the calendar filter

Bug fixes

Pabau Connect - Personal Details crashed for a specific client
Pabau Connect - Fixed an issue with a missing icon and tooltips
Analytics - Permissions issue when creating a report
Analytics - Fixed an issue with the ‘Net Sale’ field of the end of day report
Pabau connect - Fixed an issue with the choose location step
Client card - Fixed the default payer option
Client card - When voiding, the invoice status label doesn’t reset until refreshing
Users - Fix an issue on the Roles tab of the Users page with the owner column