Release: 4.3.0 - bug fixes and improvements

This release brings improvements and bug fixes.


  • Client card - Implemented links for viewing invoices;
  • Calendar - Implemented allocating rooms to bookouts;
  • Scheduler - Repeating shifts are now made a little more obvious;
  • Home page - Made adjustments to the Avatar menu;
  • Online Bookings - We have optimized the logo area;
  • Online Bookings - The ‘Gift Vouchers’ and ‘Packages’ buttons are now hidden when none are available for online purchase;
  • Pabau Connect - Appropriate job title is now shown in the ‘Upcoming appointments’ page.

Bug fixes

  • Client card - Fixed an issue with setting up Dashboard default view in the client card;
  • Online Bookings - Fixed an issue related to Appointment confirmation emails sent through online bookings;
  • Analytics - Fixed an issue with searching a report and clicking it;
  • Teams - Fixed issues in the Teams page;
  • Stock - Issues with creating a product and adjusting the stock quantity;
  • Stock - Fixed an issue with the Edit product module;
  • Setup - Fixed an issue on the create-service page. When creating a service, not all categories were showing up;
  • Setup - Fixed an issue with an occassional crashing of the create/edit services modal;
  • Setup - Fixed an issue with deleting service category.