Release: 4.4.0 - bug fixes and improvements

Great news - another release took place yesterday. Here is what it entailed:


  • User Guide - Adjustments to the User guides (for Team & Connect)
  • Setup - Added help tooltips to the create/edit custom fields page
  • Analytics - Improvements around report totalling
  • Pabau Connect - We have made the Join button more prominent


  • Pabau Connect - Fixed an issue with the Medical history page crashing
  • Pabau Connect - Fixed an issue with not all countries showing when signing up for a Pabau Connect account
  • Setup - Fixed the issue with flickering text in Client Notifications.
  • Scheduler - Fixed an issue with specific shift services are not correctly saved when creating a shift
  • Pabau Connect - Fixed an issue with completing a form taking the client back to the Dashboard
  • Calendar – Fixed an issue with the deposit being required when booking manually, even if only set for online