Release: 4.5.0 - bug fixes and improvements

Happy to inform you that another release was made entailing bug fixes and improvements suggested by you - thank you! Here is what it entailed:


  • Client card - We implemented the ‘Copy previous note’ option
  • Client card - We enlarged the logo on the letter templates
  • Client card - We implemented invoice view links
  • Purchase orders - Further improvements to the product order feature
  • Purchase orders - We implemented the ability to do partial orders
  • Online bookings - We introduced the ability to add appointment notes on the Appointment Confirmation screen
  • Online bookings - The order of the categories in the services tab reflects in online bookings
  • Online Bookings - We have hidden the options to purchase gift voucher and package when no vouchers nor packages can be purchased online
  • Online bookings - Optimizations to the design


  • Permissions - Fixed an issue with the “Can perform inventory count” permission
  • Permissions - Fixed an issue with the “Can edit activities” permission
  • Analytics - Fixed an issue with the favorite-report feature
  • Online Bookings - Fixed an issue with the payment screen flashing after sign up while booking an appointment
  • Online Bookings - Fixed an issue with changing the language
  • Online Bookings - Fixed an issue with Online Bookings crashing when selecting a certain category
  • Setup - Fixed an issue with discount code not showing in the code column of the discounts list
  • Client card - Fixed an issue with filtering appointments by status