Release 5.0.0 - Integrations

Spoiler alert: our latest update has news on two big new features in Pabau 2.

The first one is an integration update. We’ve been hard at work improving the features for medical and healthcare clients in Pabau 2 and now have the groundwork in place to integrate with labs and pharmacies. We even have an e-pharmacy integration ready to go.

Secondly, one of our most requested features in Pabau 2 is now within touching distance. Literally, our team are working on it right now. Want a clue? It sounds like zero :eyes:

Before we get into it, we just wanted to say a big thank you to you, our customers, for your continued support, feedback, and contributions. All of the comments and suggestions we’ve received are helping to make Pabau 2 even better, and that’s a really exciting place to be.

Integration with labs and pharmacies

You can now prescribe directly from Pabau - and there’s even more to come!

We want to create seamless communication between clinics and labs as well as clinics and pharmacies. As part of those efforts, we’ve been working on a system which will integrate Pabau with supported labs and pharmacies in the clinic’s region.

This will enable businesses to 1) prescribe directly from Pabau and 2) process, receive and share lab results directly from Pabau. It means you can send prescriptions more quickly and efficiently and get lab results faster.

Patients, meanwhile, will reap all the benefits of a digital system, such as having their medications delivered directly to their door.

Currently, the integration with digital prescribing platform, CloudRx, is ready for you to use and will enable you to start prescribing from Pabau 2 (click here to learn more about CloudRx). Meanwhile, the integration with TDL (The Doctors Laboratory) is being worked on.

If there is a lab or pharmacy you would like to see in this list, please let us know.

Other features we’re working on

XERO integration

Your most-requested feature is being worked on as we speak.

Setting up a XERO integration with Pabau will mean that all of the invoices generated in your Pabau account will be available in XERO. This includes any changes you make to your invoices. Additionally, we’re working on a few upgrades to make this integration deliver even more value, such as the ability to link specific products and services to specific line items.

What this means is that you’ll be able to organise your sales in XERO into different line-item codes, depending on the services and products sold, which will keep everything ordered and easy to view.

Quotes feature

Do you need to create custom quotes for your clients?

We have recently started building the Quote feature. This feature will enable you to issue personalized quotes to customers about services and products using some easy-to-follow steps. This will be particularly useful to practices that may use bespoke pricing, such as cosmetic surgeries and hair transplant clinics. Also, in future, customers will be able to sign the quotes and make payments against them.

Want to help us make Pabau even better? Apply here and be part of the journey.