Release 5.1.0 - Bug fixes and improvements

Another release took place, encompassing your suggestions, as well as bug fixes. Learn more about it, below.


  • Client card - We implemented ‘Copy previous note’ feature - duplicate the content of existing notes with ease;
  • Analytics - Improvements around report totalling and navigation;
  • Pabau Connect - Implemented a loading animation when clicking service category and while loading dates;
  • Online Bookings - Clients can add appointment notes through the ‘Appointment Confirmation’ screen.
  • Setup - Improvements to the Online Bookings and Client area configuration pages.


  • Activities - Fixed an issue with some staff members not being shown;
  • Calendar - Fixed an issue with incorrect currency sign on the book appointment modal of the calendar;
  • Forms - Fixed an issue with the merge tags for Company logo and Company name;
  • Products - Fixed an issue with being unable to add images to products;
  • Pabau Connect - Fixed an issue with the ‘View Form’ button;
  • Pabau Connect - Fixed an issue with inactive marketing sources being should on the registration page of Pabau Connect;
  • Online bookings - Fixed an issue with the booking timeout feature;
  • Setup - Fixed an issue with flickering text in ‘Client Notifications’.