Stripe/refund problem!


Stripe refunds are showing up as card refunds on my report.

when the money is taken it is shown correctly as stripe / card, i need the refunds to show up as stripe/ refund NOT card/refund, this is causing me problems with my reconciliations for card data only.
these will always apear in the the wrong report.

please can you look into resolving this problem!

thank you

Hi Kaleigh,

Thanks for this.
Please reach out to the support because this is not correct.

As long as the refund method that you use is Stripe, it will show as Stripe on the reports.
Card refunds will show as card.

Let us know on the chat for the scenario and we will take a look at it.

Hi Petar,

I have reached out to the support a couple of times and i was told to bring the topic here.

this was my reply from the support team:
‘we’ve passed this on to my team and for the moment the stipe refunds will show up as a card refund. What i can suggest at the moment is to drop this as a suggestion on your behalf on our community web page: and it will be taken into consideration.’’

we do the stripe refund option on Pabau and it shows up as card refund. Are you able to do a test run so you can see that it isn’t working correctly.

Thank you

Has pabau been updated recently, because I believe this used to work correctly on the old version.

Hey Kaleigh,

This has never been changed, hence why I want to check it out.
Apologies that you were taken to the community page for something that simply can be checked.

Let me know on the chat and I will give you the correct reason of why something is not showing correctly.

Hi Petar,

Thanks for your reply.

did you mean chat as in on this chat forum? or the support chat team? please can you let me know the correct reason why it hasn’t been showing correctly.

if it is easier maybe we could schedule a call?


Hi Kaleigh,

Please reach out to us on the chat function so that you can reach the support team.
Once you login to Pabau click on the bubble icon bottom right corner and write to us.