Suggestions and ideas

RECALLS – Is it possible to bring back the ‘number’ of recalls set for each particular day being visible on the phone icon, so we can see at a glance if they’ve all been actioned. The new calendar makes it look as though there aren’t any recalls for that day.

RECALLS – Can we bring back the patient link within the calendar recalls?

DAY SHEET PRINTOUT – Why can’t we see the appointment detail/notes now when printing the day sheet? All I’m seeing is ‘Treatment’ against each patient.

ON ACCOUNT PAYMENTS – Is it possible to bring back the ability to see if a pt has a balance on account from their appointment details, without opening the POS?

From Helen Brankin, Clinic Manager

BrightNewMe, Skincare & AestheticsClinic.


Hi @Martin21

Thank you for your feedback, we will pass to our team to improve all these things.

Really appreciate your help in improving our new calendar.

Kind regards.