TDL (The Doctors Laboratory) Lab Integration with Pabau

Would any of the clinics involved in the pilot to integrate Pabau with TDL be able to talk to us about their experience and what has worked, and not worked. We’ve held off on integrating as with our previous CRM Meddbase, the TDL integration never really worked. Not because of the CRM, but due to TDL’s workflow - specifically (j) partial results versus full results when dealing with swab microscopy then culture and (ii) drip feeding of results due to the various labs involved. We would love to understant the experience of a real client to help us make the decision on whether to integrate or not.

Hi Bruno

Great to see you here. I have moved this chat to the Pabau General Chat so that people can find the post. @Petar can you tag a few users you know are using TDL so they can come into the discussion.


Hi Bruno,

I will tag a user here who is using TDL on a daily basis so he could share his experience: @Galy

There were some benefits following the integration. Creating request forms ( and labels if you want them) is now very easy. These forms can be printed and sent with a sample from the clinic, or emailed to TDL if they are doing the phlebotomy. Makes life very easy. However, there were and still are a couple problems. 1) you will need to make sure all emails sent directly from Pabau fo not end up in the spam box of the receiver. This is a recurrent problem, as pabau senses if emails get sent to junk, and then blacklists that email. So sending emails become more difficult. 2) The ‘integration’ of results has never really worked well. when results do get returned, matching and placing results into a patients file iI believe is still a manual process. So it i do not ustilise this part of the integration

@Darryl Hi Darryl, you might also want to share your experience of using TDL.

Thanks Galy. As we have samples taken at our clinic (swabs, skin scrapings, hair samples) and prior to covid we took blood at the clinic, but also our patients go to TDL to have their test done, we print out the request form. We found the new integrated request form Pabau created back in June for TDL doesn’t have basic information like the name of the lab, their address and phone number. So it doesn’t really work as a form to give to a patient. We actually found the system was better prior to TDL integration, you create a lab request form for TDL or any lab you use in setup, create from the client card, and can view and reprint from the client card. With the integration Pabau scrapped that, although they are now recovering that capability as TDL is not the only lab clients work with.
Interesting that the integration of results isn’t working or is manual. One of my other concerns is that Pabau doesn’t have very good task management - creation of tasks, notification of tasks and assigning of tasks. Meddbase was very strong in this area. So for this integration to be effective with the results being returned, it should be possible to create a task for the result to be checked and communicated to the patient, and at a higher level to see what tasks have been done and which haven’t.

We have plans to improve the way that tasks are handled and managed in Pabau 2. In short, you will have much more control of a) what you are notified of b) how you are notified c) who is notified.

With the removal of the Buzzfeed (more on that later!) - we will be introducing the notification sidebar found below. It is here we plan to improve the way in which doctors are notified of incoming lab results from providers such as TDL.

On this front “The ‘integration’ of results has never really worked well. when results do get returned, matching and placing results into a patients file iI believe is still a manual process. So it I do not ustilise this part of the integration” - Here you are referring to the email integration (where we try to match on Patient Name, which can not always be reliable if the name of the lab result does not exactly match the client name in your Pabau account). If you are using the TDL specific integration, as the form is generated from Pabau and sent across to TDL direct - provided that TDL deliver the result back, it would not be possible for it to not appear in your Pabau account.

I have looped Danny from Ghosh Medical in who is using the TDL specific integration, and may be able to offer some more feedback on it.


Great. We will be interested to here more from clients who have actually integrated, particlarly how the interim results versus final results is working for them for comprehensive profiles and for swabs or skin samples where the results would be for microscopy initially and culture up to one month later.