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Feedback and Ideas

Share your feedback on current Pabau features, and new ideas to make things even better.

Pabau Calendar BETA

A place to share all feedback and questions on the new Pabau Calendar, which you have kindly agreed to be a BETA tester for!

Pabau 2 - Roadmap

We’re happy you’re here. This roadmap is updated on quarterly basis. It describes our platform development plans for the benefit of developers creating tools that interact with Pabau. For end users of Pabau, the App Directory is a great place to see the fruits of those efforts (or click + beside the Apps header to explore apps within Pabau!).

Pabau Chat

General chat about all things Pabau, and to share ideas of how to get the very best out of the system

Webinar Requests

Here you can request any content to be added to the daily webinars, or schedule 121 training with our Education team