Accounts in the USA

Are there any attempts at helping United States physicians/providers with e-prescribe and other services like labs integration or at least an API to add for it? Also for services to do electronic submissions for insurance like Medicare and whatnot

Hi Jack

Thank you for your question

We are actively working on an integration on Pabau 2 for integrating e-prescriptions/labs with US providers. Is there a particular one that you work with?

I can’t say we have Medicare on our short term roadmap, although it is something that will be likely of interest. One of the big goals with Pabau 2 is to build a global product, with a huge focus on our offering for US clients.

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All scripts by Veradigim will be great!

Update on this: we have started integration in the US for e-prescriptions with Pabau 2. We are looking for someone in the US to test. Is this something you guys may be interested in?


I’m available to try out the e-prescribe function