Allowing account payments not to show on daily takings

Not dissimilar to what Kelly sighted in Mar 21’. However our issue is that we take payment at the time of booking and if the patient cancels but wishes to leave the funds on their account to go towards another consult or procedure the system logs it as if we have taken the funds again. This confuses the accounts reconciliation and looks like we have taken more money than we truly have which from a CRM stance seems silly as the information gathered will be inaccurate

Hi Kat.

Based on what I read here, it seems that you may not be associating the on-account payment with the new invoice. I suggest you contact support, share an example, and they will assist you further with how to allocate unallocated on-account payments.


Hi Viktor,
I have taken this to the team (we always do as a first point of contact) but i was told there was no way for it not to show as if the money has been taken on that day rather than sitting as a credit on the account. If you have further suggestions on how we can correct it (if we are in putting it wrong) i would welcome that

Hi Kat.

The date of the deposit payment (the money that remained on account) will be the date when the money entered the business. When you allocate the money on account to a new invoice, the payment date displayed will be the date when the invoice was generated, or a date later than that (when you actually matched the payment against the invoice).

What you will see in a report is that invoice x was paid using ACCOUNT payment method, i.e. money from account.

If I understand you correctly, what you need is to display that invoice x, created on December 21, 2022, was paid using money on account which were deposited on November 1, 2022, am I correct?