anonymised notes

It would be very helpful if it was possible to anonymise notes to share with other individuals such as for audit or review purposes (via email and not have to print and mark over personal information) This is a legal requirement within the sharing of information and something we do daily within health care therefore would expect it already to be possible but have been told this is not possible within pabau Can this please be looked at asap

Hi and thank you for your suggestion. I have notified our team about it.

Please note that currently, you would be able to do it by creating a separate medical form (in Setup > Data > Medical Forms) of type treatment, which will not contain patient-related fields such as first name, last name, others. Then, when needed to fill-in and send it to other emails, from a client card.

But this would mean duplicating the notes without patient data which then creates storage issue and patient identification issue if needing to do for more than one patient

Hi Al.
It will depend on the content of the notes (they will be duplicated if you write the exact same information in both the notes).

When it comes to patient identification issue, in Pabau, all the forms must be related to patients. In the anonymous form, you can enter the numeric patient ID, which you can then use to find the patient internally, if needed, by entering it in the client search field.