Appointment Confirmation after Stripe payment

Hi team

A lot of patients complain that they don’t get an email confirmation payment of deposit with Stripe - after booking online. Can this be added as a feature?



I do agree this recipes should be sent- I have had this complaint my self , we integrate stripe with a online store as well and all payments from there are sent a email payment confirmation - pabau do not provide stripe with the customers email so stripe can not send - the information “owners email” is not forwarded to stripe .

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for this - as I was about to say that Stripe themselves have a feature where you can turn on email receipts, I wasn’t aware that it can’t be turned on.

The main reason we don’t provide the email is because Stripe does not support HL7 (which is the protocol for sharing patient identifiable information). With Pabau 2, we will be integrating slightly differently with Stripe, and I have added to the roadmap for email receipts to be possible.