Ascending / Descending filter in reports

Hi there,

In reports the ascending and descending filters do not work. I understand the work around is to download in excel format and sort from there but I would much rather the reports in Pabau worked as they should. I feel like this is a basic thing to get right and I am surprised I was told that this couldn’t be fixed quickly in pabau support chat.

I have raised other issues without any resolve for months and months and I certainly hope this won’t be the same.


Thank you for your feedback.
In reports, the custom fields cannot be sorted in ascending and descending order the way one may intend to, due to the fact that they are created by staff members, and they are considered text fields.

As for the other part of your comment, I have passed on your comment to our support team, so that they can look into the other issues.

Hi Viktor, thanks for responding

Could you please explain how the fields within reports are created by staff members? I do not really understand your response.

Hello again.

You will need to create custom fields in the system, and then those fields appear in and can be added to reports, by clicking on the green + button.

Please feel free to contact support, should you require more details.

Hi Viktor

I am not talking about custom fields.

The issue is this … as an example I have the outstanding invoices report and I run it for the past 6 months. I cannot organise the names in the report in any other order other than A-Z due to the ascending/descending tool not working. I would like the organising tools (ascending/descending) to work so I can organise the report how I like.

I am not sure what this has to do with custom fields. I also know how to add custom fields using the green button like you say but this is not the issue I am describing.



Thank you for your reply, and for providing more information.
The report you mentioned cannot be filtered due to the way of how data is organized and output it it.

What you can do instead is run the daily sales report, and filter based on the Balance column, where you should set it to show values in the Balance column greater than 0.

This is how you will be able to see outstanding invoices only, which you can then organize in an ascending or descending order based on name or date.