Auto Convert when Patient Books Online

When a client subsequently books themselves online, for lead manager to recognise this and mark the lead as converted

Hi Natalie

Thank you for the suggestion. The reason we didn’t do this initially was if a patient was to make an enquiry for say Botox, and then 2 years later an enquiry for Vaser, the 2nd enquiry will go through
a different sales pipeline.

Would be good to get your thoughts around this.

It would be the same scenario in future even if it was manually converted. There is a purple icon in lead manager that indicates the patient exists in the client database which is helpful but if converted there is a duplicate record created that needs to be merged.

I agree with Natalie - this is an important feature that needs to be added!!

I agree too as we have patients who are registered and when they enquire online it goes into the leads section and then over rides information to convert

Hi All,

We discussed this further, and will be adding it to the Pabau 2 timeline. Thank you so much for your feedback.