Automation Help

I am in the process of setting up my email automations but do not appear to have the option to create a recall for an appointment that was completed 2 weeks ago. I only have the option of 7 days ago then 30 days ago?? It could me not thinking logically; any ideas?

Tried the past 14 days option and it sent an email to all the patients who had an appointment within the past 14 days.

Hi there

Yes, last 14 days looks at all the appointments in the last 14, as opposed to specific dates which looks at exact dates.

I have forwarded on the suggestion to the development team, as it is a small task we could probably get this added in the next 2 weeks or so.

May we know what specific dates you think would be good to add?


For my clinic I would be interested is dates of ‘10 days’ ago and ‘14 days ago’ to trigger a recall event.

Thanks Allan.