Back to Back Calendar Locations

Hi guys,

I wondered if there was any update on when the Calendar would be updated so that under the staff picture you will be able to see the start and end time of the shift in each location?

As discussed in Back to Back Calendar Locations

The discussion has been closed so I was unable to reply directly on it.


Hi Laura,

Thanks for this.
I can assure you that there is a ticket logged for this in order for this to be available in the new calendar.

Design wise, we are looking in finding the best way on how to show this without affecting columns and their characteristics.

Hi Petar,

Thanks for getting back to me. Is there a rough time frame for this?


Hi Laura,

Not at the moment, however we will not disable the old calendar until we bring that back, along with other things.


Hi Guys,

It’s been 2 months since raising the original concern. Any updates please?



Hi Kiran,

This is not something we are rushing to get it done.
Since the location name can be quite lengthy, we need to improve how this will show and how it will affect the column size.

Once we do have an update, you will see it in the calendar directly.