Beta Calendar Legends

On the BETA calendar there are new legends, I’m unclear as to what NSP means, and every appointment is showing the NSP Not Activated/Payment Not Verified on every appointment which is distracting.

I also couldn’t access the schedule manager.

Hi Ross

This is actually our new feature, No Show Protection. We will update the legend to show the full text. Because we have already had a very large number of clients say they are going to be using it, it will appear on each appointment so it can easily be seen who has the protection activated and who does not.

My colleague Boban will come back to you on the schedule manager.


Hi Ross,

Thank you for raising, we will pass to our team to resolve this issue.

Kind regards.

Hi guys,

Thank you. Having reviewed NSP it doesn’t fit with how we take deposits at present so we wouldn’t be using it, not yet anyway. I think because of how clean and simple the calendar looks on the BETA that one thing that isn’t relevant is somewhat distracting. Maybe if there was the option to turn NSP on or off… Just a suggestion anyway! Thanks.

Hi Ross

Let me take away the idea of being able to turn the NSP indications off at a clinic level - will come back to you.


Hi Ross

We have plans to remove the label, and move it to the small shield icon in the next round of updates.

Thank you for the feedback!