Booking Page Colours & Booking URL Name

Hi Team, Would it be possible to adjust the booking page settings, (colour) to match the company website?

When clients navigate away from the company site the colours default to white background which doesn’t look like our new branding so would be great if these settings could be adjusted.

Also would be great to have the company name in the URL rather than just numbers. This would link in & help with google analytics.

Hope these are possible as should be simple formatting at onboarding stage as branding only change every 4/5 years.

Many thanks

Hi Kevin

We were actually considering reducing the customization of the colour scheme in online bookings for Pabau 2 (mainly because we saw some pretty terrible designs out there!).

Would it be possible for you to link me to your booking portal so I can get a feel for what it is you mean? - We are not totally against the idea.

It’s early days - but for Pabau 2, we were hoping to make the process super clean and simple. Here are some snippets of some pages we have built already:


Hi William,

Not sure i get what you mean.

The customization option could be build into the PABAU Admin so services/clinics would have to request this to be changed an that way you can limit the number of changes/customizable options.

What I’m asking is can the URL for a service be amended to the name rather than numbers. Example would be:

Current Example:
Proposed URL:

This change would then help and link in with google analytics