Booking restrictions

I really want to be able to restrict bookings to certain services on a particular day for example - offering only video consultation on a specific day. I note there is something similar requested on 17th Feb 9th Feb 16th feb therefore clearly something very useful for clinics is this likely to happen soon??

Hi there

Thank you for the suggestion - we have actually built this into Pabau 2 (see below) - however we built it specific for online bookings, as we had a fair few requests for it (we didn’t think to make it a general feature to be honest, however certainly one for us to consider based on what others feel).

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Why can’t I see this option??

i have a workaround where you make online consultation a separate location so patient selects if they want online consultation or physical appointment.

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I want patients only to be able to book 1 service on a Monday so this may not work but thank you