Card readers that work with Pabau and stripe

It would be good to have card readers that work with Pabau and the stripe integration. Stipe have introduced this over the past year but I believe it would mean altering the integration. I would like to have a card reader in my clinic to take contactless card payments whilst the transaction being automatically linked to the Pabau financials so payment is automatically recorded. This needs to feed into Xero which already has a feed from my stripe account

Hi Paul.

Thank you for your feedback.
Happy to inform you that a link between card readers (terminals) and Pabau was already been taken into consideration.

In addition, I will relay your feedback to our team regarding the feed from Stripe to Xero.

Kind regards,

We have built this into the core product of Pabau 2, and can confirm that this is certainly coming very soon.


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