Client postcode on calendar entry

We go to patients’ homes and it would make scheduling 100 times easier if the client’s postcode could show up on the appointment on the calendar. In settings, there is the option to add the postcode to the view, but it doesn’t actually work. PLEASE can this be fixed?


Thank you for your reply.
Currently the pop-up for booking appointments and editing existing appointments in the calendar doesn’t show post codes. (I will have this suggested as an improvement.)

It does, however, allow you to click on the client’s name and summon the client card from within the calendar, and see the postcode.

The setting you refer to, in Calendar Settings, does allow you to add a postcode field, however, it’s applicable to already booked appointments, i.e. the postcode will be shown in the appointment field, or its tooltip once the appointment is booked.

If you have any questions, do reach out to our support team.

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