Confirm reserved appointment

We could very much do with an option whereby an appointment is ‘reserved’ on the calendar for a client and an email can easily be sent to the client (from the calendar) with a link to confirm and pay. It would show as a reserved appointment on the diary until it has been payed for.
At the moment this can only (sort of) be done by sending the client an invoice. This is a bit of a faff and can’t really be actioned by clinicians (they would not see it as their role to invoice clients). Perhaps clients could go into the online booking portal to pay for a reserved appointment? At the moment, they can only book in a new appointment and not pay for something that’s already in the diary.

Hi Katie.

Thank you for your suggestion.
It is part of our roadmap to support an option for clients to pay before they are able to finalize the booking, for on-site bookings, when the booking is made in the calendar by a staff member.

We currently support such an option for remote, online bookings, when you activate the Stripe integration.

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