customising file names

Could we please have a way of choosing the name of email file attachments rather than a random bunch of system-generated letters and numbers? This would be much more helpful for our clients as well. Thank you.


Thank you for your feedback.

Currently, the name of the attachment if you attach directly from your computer is the same as the one in your computer. I would suggest you rename the file before you attach it.

If you wish to send an existing document, from EMR > Documents, there you have the option to rename the document, by clicking on the Edit button.

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Yes but there is a series of random numbers after my filename when attached to an email. I would like to be able to choose exactly what the filename of an email attachment is. Hope that makes sense.

Hi. Yes, it does make sense now. Another route you can try is uploading the file as a document, via EMR > Documents, and then when you get to choose an attachment, select it from the library.

I do that but the same issue occurs