Display Client's Account Balance on the Online Portal

We want clients who have an account balance to be able to view this when they log in. We have tabs to display info such as previous treatments, upcoming treatments, current packages etc. so this shoudn’t be an issue to display.

As well as displaying this, we would like to have a feature added to our website where clients can top up their account balance.

This would be a great benefit to us and also easy to implement as the features are already there on the back-end and there is already integration with Stripe.

Hi, and welcome to our community.

Happy to inform you that we did a lot of improvements in that area. In the new Pabau Connect, clients will be able to pay with their account balance, and top up their balance.

I will inform our team about your suggestion to display the current account balance (currently it’s displayed on the payment step of the journey only).


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