Document upload

Allow document uploads and photo uploads. Once the lead converts these to be carried over onto the client card.

It would also be handy for the photo uploaded to work for leads as well as contacts

not just photos - all documents especially pdfs would be useful for medical histories and pretty essential for referrals from other medical practitioners!

Hi there,

This is actually already possible to do (assuming you are referring to a patient record) - our view is that once you are dealing with a clients medical history or referrals, they should be converted from a lead to a patient

^ William

Hi Tony

Thanks for the suggestion - we do have a way for the client to upload the photos themselves (support can help with this) - we are considering the possibility of photo upload for Pabau 2, just we haven’t got as far as redesigning the lead page just yet, so will be sure to pass this on.

Photos in general have had a bit of a revamp in Pabau 2, so watch this space!


Not always as the patient despite referral sometimes doesnt end up booking, so really they remain a lead

I can confirm that we have accounted for this in Pabau 2. People will be able to upload documents/photos to a lead (regardless on if they are a patient or not).

We think this will be helpful in situations where people wish to upload photos themselves via Pabau Connect (the client area) related to an area of interest.