Editable Template - Medical Forms

When it comes to medical forms, we like to have a generic template there for the MD, but it is not editable on their end when completing a treatment note. Most patients can follow the same template but sometime the doctor will need to adjust something that is out of the ordinary. Right now we only have static text fields that we can add, but what if there was a static text field that when completing the treatment note, can be edited or information added? This would be helpful for surgery notes, where the summary is really long but the doctor may have used a different product on someone or different type of suture. We cannot expect them to create an entirely new op note to change one small section of it.

Hi Danielle

You would be happy to hear we have done a lot in this area in Pabau 2 with a feature called ‘Macros’. I don’t want to go into too much on it now, as it is one of our more unique features to Pabau 2, however we will be launching more info on this come January.

Thank you as always for your suggestions!