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Egress integration / support

Hi Tony

It would be better to more to understand what the advantages of egress over the sensitive item feature within Pabau so we can see if there are modification’s we can do to ours to compete as opposed to integrate (as we don’t see egress to do much more then what our encryption offers already)

Can Pabau receive incoming secure emails that are then directly stored on the patient EMR? :slight_smile:

Along with a bifurcation that an email has been received?

NHSmail use egress as a backbone for encryption I think. Lots of practitioners not on Pabau use it as a service as a two way method of communication with other professionals as well as clients.

I tried to load the official NHS encryption file for you but can’t

The current sensitive data works ok for email to a known patient on Pabau as long as you have their email and mobile but they can’t download the documents and save a copy for own use and they have to navigate the different steps and checks. Egress is often simpler.

Also I don’t think you can use the sensitive documents to a third party eg GP or hospital department. Whilst we might have a NHS email address to send to, we don’t have a named person or a mobile to check. Egress doesn’t have this problem.

Hi Tony - we have the ability to receive inbound emails into Pabau for users who have subscribed the advanced marketing.

egress is a product that markets itself around encryption, however Pabau already provides the same level of encryption, so I can’t see it being something we would be looking to do.


This is something we certainly are going to be looking into for Pabau 2 with regards to how we can protect when sharing information to 3rd parties.

Billy where are the incoming emails in advanced marketing? where is the inbox? How are users alerted to incoming emails? how do you view a email string? Is this stored under the communication tab of the patient? How is this all set up? what is the incoming email address?

Hi Tony

Apologies, I meant to say we will have* for Pabau 2. I will dig out the photo from another post on here where I go into a little more detail

Hi Tony

See below for a little more detailed response on inbound email:

Hi William

Please can you confirm that secure emails/encrypted documents regarding patients to third parties (i.e., GP) is something you will be looking at?


Hi Sarah

Our emails and documents are already encrypted in transit when sharing via Pabau.


Hi, my mistake, I want to know there is a password safe option coming to third parties?

Thank you