As with other CRM systems, you should be able to email from any clinic email address and CC Pabau so that communication is automatically added to the patient records. Patients email the clinic and there needs to be a way of adding to their medical record. Scanning or uploading emails into documents is NOT the answer! This is not ‘nice to have’ but absolutely necessary, welcome any ideas from others in the community with medical practices

Hi Craig

Thank you for the suggestion. This is actually a rather complex requirement, however something we are looking at and have been wanting to do for a little while.

Just to elaborate, there are two issues here:

a) Cost - Currently it is actually very expensive to store email data (as you ned to store the entire content, known as HTML, which in short takes up storage space). We have been spending the best part of 8-9 months in bringing this cost down, and are nearly at the stage where it would be more affordable should we decide to track inbound email.

b) Integration - Everyone uses different providers, and maintaining integration with 3rd parties often takes the ball out of our court, meaning we find ourselves having to keep on top with partners documentation, creating regular updates (XERO for example had us completing re-doing integrations with their recent updates, and Stripe making us become SCA ready on short notice).

That being said, your suggestion of ‘forwarding’ to a specific email address is the route we will likely go down, as it makes integration with most email providers almost be out of the box. If people wanted to make the process more automated, most providers have ‘Forwarding’ abilities, allowing you to automatically forward the email to a particular address.

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Thanks, William, do you have any decent workaround solutions for the interim?

Hi Craig

Unfortunately there isn’t right now - this is how it will look in Pabau 2 however. When setting up ‘Senders’, you will be able to choose if you wish for that sender address to have its client replies feed back into your Pabau.