Email reminders without SMS reminders

I want clients to be sent email reminders but NOT SMS reminders. I want all new calendar entries to default to sending reminders. However, when I check the box in calendar settings, it automatically enables SMS reminders as well as email reminders. When I disable SMS reminders, it removes the tick from the Auto select checkboxes and the default is not to send email or SMS reminders. Please can there be an option to send email reminders by default without having to send SMS reminders?


Thank you for your feedback.
The SMS reminder shouldn’t be sent, if the SMS option for reminders in Setup > Data > Client notifications is disabled, but the checkbox should be visible in the calendar, and only send email reminders, if activated.

If the above is not the case, I advise you to contact our support team about this, so that they can look into it in more details.

Kind regards,