Full payment integration with payment processors

The biggest feature that is missing with Pabau at the moment is the lack of full integration with payment processors. Being able to have full communications between your payment processor/terminal and Pabau is a must-have for increasing efficiency, and is something that other CRM’s in the industry provide at a lower price point to Pabau.

If this is an upcoming feature of Pabau 2, do we have a timeframe for when this will be implemented? And if it has not yet been considered, how long would such an implementation take?


Currently, Stripe is integrated in both POS, and Pabau Connect (Online bookings). In addition to that you are able to mail unpaid invoices to clients and obtain payments remotely. Please contact our support team, for more information.

Payment terminal integration is part of our roadmap, and is being worked on. While I cannot provide an exact date, our aim is to make it available within a year.

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