Have completed medical questionnaire and consent (completed via email before app) in client journey ready for appointment

It would make so much more sense for the already completed medical history and consent forms to be sat in the correct areas on the client journey when the client attends for their appointment. Then everything can be checked in one place and there wouldn’t be a need to run through questions/consent again, its time consuming and frustrating for clients who have already been through the process at home prior to the appointment. Its clunky having to check the EMR in the client profile before beginning the client journey.

Thanks for your suggestion.
Currently it’s achievable through the use of the custom fields, and linked-fields feature, which allow for information filled in one medical form to be shown in another one, which would be part of the journey. Feel free to contact our support team, for more information.

Also, we are already working on ways of further-improving the journey. Should you have more ideas of how to improve it, please do let us know.