Integration with different labs

Should have intervention with other laboratory not just TDL. We currently use London medical laboratory and randox and these are not currently integrated in with pabau

Hi there

Thank you for your suggestion - unfortunately the process in integrating with lab providers is rather complex, and with the market being so wide, we find we have a lot of clients using multiple providers.

Our eventual goal with Pabau 2 would be to build our own API where lab providers can very easily integrate with us, and this is something we have been discussing with providers already.


In USA we have 2 major labs you can add

LabCorp and Quest.

Please check if you can add integration to them.

Hi @sachinmehta23

Just an update on this one - Randox have reached out and we are in the process of integrating. You can follow our release notes for more updates.


Thanks will be sure to reach out!