Klarna Integration

Klarna is the biggest financial company used on the market today. Utilising this service will drive bigger sales giving clients the option to pay flexibility.

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Thank you for your feedback - I will notify our team about it, for a possible future consideration.


Yes this is a frequent topic, I can say Klarna is for sure on our radar.


Yes I completely agree, this would be amazing! I know Faces & Fresha CRM’s platforms have payl8r and Afterpay/ Clearpay integration, I have recently transferred to pabau and I’m now struggling with using Buy now, pay later services and have seen clients drop off.

That’s really interesting, thank you for sharing. Yes we do have to agree, it is becoming more and more common in the industry, it is certainly something we are actively looking at. In Pabau 2 we have launched much more around payments in general, so I believe pay later integrations is going to be our next milestone after the launch.


Hi William,

Thank you for taking the time and feeding back the advancements the coming with Pabau 2. Is there currently an expected release date for the updated system? If Pabau was able to have seamless integration with paylater providers, I honestly think that it would be not only amazing for clinic owners such as myself but Pabau would be a big winner with solo practitioner/ small clinic’s taking up subscriptions.

Thank you for keeping this on the radar for fingers crossed in a near future update.


Hey NS

We are going to be announcing Pabau 2 officially at the start of February (depending how the meetings with the team go Thurs/Fri this week, it will likely be Feb 1st).

I absolutely agree - the one that seems to be requested most commonly is ‘Klarna’, however going to check out the one you mentioned (Clearpay) - as there API seems to look rather simple!

Thank you again for your suggestions, it really means a lot.


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:wave:t2::wave:t2: Hi again,

Hopefully all goes to plan with the upcoming stakeholders meeting later in the week. It’s exciting times as to what I can only imagine has been a massive project and its almost imitate launch.

Klarna is most defiantly the largest buy now, pay later provider. It’s a bit more restrictive around medical and aesthetics but favours dentistry. We started with Payl8r then Clearpay/Afterpay and then Laybuy. They all have there own pros & cons for the user but its like most schemes, the users are typically signed up to more then one of these buynace services. But thanks for checking it out and I hope that the meeting goes well later in the week.

Cheers again