lab test results and alerting practitioner

I have an idea regarding lab test results.
When lab test results come through, our dr needs to be notified. Right now it is all manual and is difficult to get on top of.
Can we have a button that sends/emails a practitioner to notify them that their patients results have come through?
Something that says 'hi, 'your client (X)‘s results have come through, please have a look’

Hi Aini,

As always, thank you for your kind contribution, always have a great brainstorm after reading your suggestions. This is something I feel we have nailed down nicely in Pabau 2 with our ‘Notification System’. You will have much more control of all activity within Pabau, and how you will be notified in certain circumstances.

You will be able to see all your notification’s in a ‘Sidebar’ anywhere on Pabau.

^ William

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Oh that’s great! I’m really looking forward to pabau 2

Will you be extending this to other labs or only TDL? any possibly of nationwide pathology as well?

Hi Dominic

We would be open to it, afaik TDL are the only ones who offer HL7 integration - which is why we integrate with other partners using our ‘Email Inbox’.

^ William

Hi William

nationwide do offer HL7 and are fully integrated into other systems like heydoc, in a similar fashion to what you are trying to achieve