Lead Enquiry Email Notification

The email we receive that notifies of a lead enquiry only advises of a patients name. The message / enquiry information is not included. If you are unable access desktop pabau at that time, and the app does not support viewing leads, then pulling through the information from the lead into the email notification would make life a lot easier.

Hi @Amanda1

Thank you for the suggestion. The thinking behind this was to encourage users to open the lead within Pabau (as there are more features to engage and track interactions against a lead).

If a user was to for example engage with a lead via email, then a business owner or manager loses that interaction or response time abilities that they may have got if the employee was to engage with the lead via Pabau.

Would be great to hear what others think.

Hi, it’s not about the ability to respond outside of Pabau. If you cannot immediately access Pabau on a desktop when you receive the email notification (ie the only way to view the lead) then there is no information provided within the notification email. A summary would be really helpful.